About Us
Who We Are

Hey there, welcome to Shabo. We are a team of young people who know how hard it is to find skilled people to help you when you need it. We created this app for you to use it to hire people to do the things you can’t, when you need it, whatever your budget.

And we also know how hard it is for young people like us to find work even when we have the skills. So with Shabo you can also use your skills to help people with their home, school or work tasks and make some side cash. That’s all.

So next time, you need someone to help you with some work at home, school or work, just Shabo it. And if you are good at doing something, we bet you there’s someone on Shabo who will be willing to pay you to help them. Stuff like that. So, no long talk. Get help and make money moves on Shabo.

Feel free to browse around. You should definitely check out the “How it works” and the FAQs. And if you need anything else, call us or text us on Instagram and twitter and let’s chat. Until then, welcome to convenience. Happy shabo-ing.

P.S. As for our name, abi you naa you know. shabo-shabo… quick-quick. Time no dey!